"​u wont hear this anyway"

Aye, I'm very worn out
Its the best time you know?
To do things like this

Writing this about you, writing this about you, oh yeah
Know the way you move, baby I'm p*ssed, I've got a list
Of all the famous girls that I'm gon' holla at when I get rich
Girl I'm a dog, but we're young and we're sick
If you got a dating app on you
Then you ain't no better than me when it comes to this sh*t
Both tryna figure things out getting lit
Still I just trick cause you fine and you thick
I'm all for this topic. I'm all for the chips
And showings my motive, I've always been sad
And I've always exposed it, I've always felt lonely
And everyone knows it, I've been had anxiety
Still can't control it, been makin' money, but gotta be smarter
Here getting older, the critics get harsher
The weed gets rolled up, I light then I spark it
That dude he go hard, but my sh*t go the hardest
Here for a long, long time and I ain't gonna quit sh*t yet
Get in that long, long line, if you really gon' show up as a threat
I've been taking care of me, going to therapy
Been self-aware, I've been looking for clarity
Know that these f*ckboys be dissin' me terribly
But I can't trip on them boys, they ain't scare me
Got a crib by myself, I've been lonesome
I think people 'round me think that I'm on one
I'm just seeing things from a new view
Being secluded protecting my mood
Riding alone, I got shot on my dome
I got dudes tryna hurt me cause all of them broke
They hate to see me do well and put on
They told me, I'm lost can't knock me out of my zone
Ain't rolled by my mom in a minute, I fear
And that would be sh*t that y'all don't want to hear
Like that sh*t don't slap homie, that sh*t too deep
But I'm like, " f*ck it, if you can't accept me for me"
I'm dolo, I would call you up
But I just seen a photo of both of y'all happy
And then it all clicked
It's been like 8 or 9 months since we talked
And it's been about 8 or 9 months I've been workin'
I been on my sh*t and I get sick
Real life hit me like a mother f*ckin' brick
More money more problems, I mother f*cking wish
I'm thinking 'bout mama, is she disappointed?
I want to say more but I try to avoid it
Cause sometimes I feel like I'm f*ckin' annoying
I'm newly immense, don't feel like a boy
And I just want to tell you I'm tryna progress
Life hit us both, but I wish you the best
If I see you when I travel out west
I hope you hold onto that promise we kept

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