Origami Beats

"Bad 1z"

[Verse 1]
Underage little rapper pull up to your venue
Make it hot, next spot Wendy's on the menu
4 for 4, por favor
Poor life still there
Started from the bottom and we still here
Wheelchair Jimmy couldn't roll with my bros
Smash bros after lunch then we go
And make moves like a magician
Thanos couldn't kill my vision
Sorry mama tell 'em blame it on your own religion
God gifted, God giveth and God taketh
Return the favor so I'm giving my God patients
In other words I'm testing God's patience
How many dead MCs until they making John famous
John stamos at a full house turning up
Labels never hit me back, guess they didn't learn enough
Y'all know the message, "you live and you learn"
Give and you earn, guess a couple bridges get burned
Your permission is permitted when my vision is earned
I admit that I been lifted like I'm giving the word
I admit that I've been living litt, you pretty absurd
I admit that I'm what listeners and critics prefer
Got that Overwatch ranks on my wrist, diamonds
Hit me online, go see if I'm lying
I been reclining, been that way for a second
But now I got what everyone expecting
Check it
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