Fox Stevenson

"Cum Fountain"

Yuh aye I c*m like a fountain (yuh aye)
Her tits look like mountain (aye yuh)
Finessed yo bish then I dumped em (aye yuh)
I'm so thick look like Duncan (ayeeeee)

Finessing these b*tches like Tiger Woods
Pull out my di*k yeah I got the goods
My di*k so stiff yeah I got some wood
Your b*tch look like a male yeah she look like a dude

I popped a xanny
You look like Danny
Danny Phantom
My seed yeah I sent em
Into yo b*tch
I ain’t no snitch

c*m on your b*tch like I'm Sonic
c*m on your b*tch like I'm Sonic (aye aye yuh)
Wrapping my di*k in some Balmain
Wrapping my di*k in some Balmain (yuh yuh aye)

Balmain c*ckring
Balmain Balmain c*ckring
Gucci condoms
Gucci Gucci condoms

f*cking your b*tch
You are a snitch
Do the dash then I ditch
Got Gucci no A.C. & Fitch!

Dr Phil
Took a pill
Pay the bill
Pockets fill
Look like Gill
Titty hill
Never ill
Ain’t no lil
I got skill! (Gekyume n*gga power!)

Pull up to the fast lane just like xxstation
Erasing these b*tches it's termination
Just like Arnold schwarzen*gga
I f*cked your b*tch yeah my c*ck is bigga

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