Fox Stevenson

"This is the Life*"

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'Cause I don't feel like going places
And then maybe I'm just fine
'Cause the party's in my mind
It's fair to say
This is the life
This is the life



All eyes on me, now I'm feeling in my right [?]
'Cause when I mess it up you know I wanna mess it up big time
And if something stops to move, then
We're gonna find another way back through
That's the way we wanna do the things we do
And then I don't mind telling you that's how it's done

Oh, I'm alright, I'm okay
Got a private little oasis
And I'm gonna stay here every day
'Cause I don't feel like going places
I've been circling the drain
Getting caught up, can't explain
Oh, maybe I'm hopeless
But I ain't lost hope yet
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