Mic check Mic check 1,2

[Verse 1]
They try to hate on me cause I don't really freestyle
But take classic beats and turn em' into B-Sides
I been head over heels since I was knee high
Please don't judge me it's still the pre-trial
Middle finger peace sign, Pinky Tea Time
Better let that G ride, tell em' yee haw
Or woo hah, Depending who you talk to
They know that we run these numbers for the walk through
They still waiting for that part two
I'm thinking what it cost me and what it cost you
That's a small fee for a large pursuit
One Owl is Wise, but two are in Kahoots
Strictly, This here for my kindred
Yeah that beat thumpin' but I do the heavy lifting
Disregarding myths until you see em' shapeshifting
Boy I'm gifted like my birthday, Christmas
Put it on your wish-list, your playlist, your favorites
I'm running through the South I bet you never been to Macon
Good Gracious
All them rural places that don't f*ck with Immigration
They know that we real but we don't f*ck with imitations
Carolina skies don't worry bout no limitations
Look, More patience y'all know my forte is
Contemporary flows put that spirit in the ancient
You in L.A. for the stars and the scene
I'm driving to the Bay for the stars in-between
Wait check it
Aye check this out man G YAMAZAM
I do what I can when I can do it
They say you going backwards if you ain't moving
Your aim useless if you ain't used to
Truth is I'm strong like Chinese Bamboo is
You bamboozled
I am Buddhist but I am ruthless
I am proven, I am true to this til' I'm toothless
Let me take y'all back to that stoop sh*t

[Verse 2]
Check it
I had to ask myself 3 questions that had me stessing
Why I want the walk of fame if I don't leave impressions?
How come I always call but never leave no message?
What the f*ck you think I gave up to receive these blessings?
Aye peace and blessings see me flexing your CD collection
At Durham County my city bleeding but breeding Legends
Keep them guessing, they know we eating and needing seconds
Applaud them haters, we see the effort don't even stress it
That sh*t should be expected
All that anger and resentment that I redirected
That was back when I ain't think that I could be respected
A lot of Poets been forgotten but to me their Legends
Ralik and Kessa[?], Karim and Brenton[?], Jaylee and Dennis[?]
Jalil and Jamil[?] were the first homies I seen perfect it
I seen a whole community grow in all three dimensions
But there's some excommunications that I can't even mention
I see no exit my obsession is my secret weapon
You best believe they won't believe you til' they see progression
It's ironic that my Rhyming got us Reconnecting
All this for the record, boy you know I'm snapping
I been eating off my words before I started rapping
You play that Industry sh*t with me if you want to Captain
That Ship done sailed and you floppin' I seen you flippers flapping
I get the bag in two different [?] I'm up an [?]
I'm like a Mariner when it comes to a Batting Average
It's up for grabs if you wanna it but I won't interfere
But when I'm done just know I really cared
And that's it
Shouts to Durham boy!
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