"St. Ides Commercial"

(St. Ides)
(St. Ides)

People see, me and the shorty on the slide off
Pop the top off
St. Ides, your type, lady-like
I hit her with ice
Sip this in your glass as she sat with class
Legs crossed in my living room, radio on blast
She said "You're known for poppin’ styles with the best of us"
I told her with no particular flow I'm ambidextrous
Long as the beats are knockin'
We can take it to the "Sunshine" or the ’Streets is Watching'"
Stay pretty and get gritty
Noddin' the head in agreement, sippin' St. Ides through a straw
The crooked letter had the game flowin' like never before
Hey yo, here's the recipe, c*ck the S.T
Play it low with something sexy and let it flow

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