Gucci Like Wow lyrics



Ouh lil trik lil trik
Ouh ouh ouh yo aye (lil trik)
(camo) (camo) camomaster (dj)
Camo lil trik ouh

I be gucci all the time like WOW
(ouh ouh) yea i be gucci like WOW
All these veggies makin me go wow
Im getting paid and im in style
All these people stealin my style
All my style go and make them wild
They wild make them go like a child
All my child favourite are the wild
(yo) yes bae are a man (ouh)
You look like my friend hernan (damn)
My friend hernan (hernan) (damnn)
He likе gettin crammed
Yeah ouh yеah ouh yeah ouh yeah ouh (aye aye aye) yeah ouh (aye aye) gucci gucci gucci camo ouh
I be gucci ouh like wow
All these gucci ouh like wow (wow wow)
I be gucci over like wow (okay)
Ill be gucci all the time like wow
(okay ouh)
All my gucci will be doing crazy
All my rolex will make you be my lady (what)
All these rolexes really heavy
Yuh all this bling on my neck really heavy
It make me slouch (yuh slouch slouch)
Watching tv
Splos splos like boss boss like a boss
Like a boss yea
Lil trik in the house aswell
Djcamo master i can
Ouh lil trik camo master
Ouh ouh yuh
Ill be gucci all the time like wow
I be gucci all the time like wow
I be gucci all the time like wow
(ouh ouh ouh ouh)
Aye aye (animal dying)
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