VerbalAse’s Cartoon Beatbox Battles

"Pennywise Beatbox Solo 2"

(Synth solo)
Don't be afraid
I just wanna play!
Look at you, little Groot!
You're about to become my new boots!
*pft* Please don't *pft* run
*pft* let's have *pft* fun!
*pft* You can *pft* play with my *pft* balloon! *pf-f-f-f*
My *pft* little tree *pft* friend
*bm bm* this is the *pft* end
*pft* even if you *pft* you were to regrow your *pft* limbs
*pft* I'll burn them again
*pft* just like all your *pft* friends!
*pft* Oh sorry, *pft* was that too soon?
*pfftphtchcrrcrrhoohooheeheechhpmm* Time to float! *chhchhbmbm squeak squeak pshhcrr* (x2)
*phhclopclopclopcloppmmtchphhchaclopcloppmmchpuhchaclopclopclopclopththththphcha* (x2)
(Synth solo)
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