The city lights are rolling by and, me, I sit so still
I fell in love, that's tough enough, it's tough enough to kill
And some of us will fill the void and carry on in spite
Of this hell on earth, another girl we buried deep inside

We're fundamentally broken, we no longer question ourselves
Has nobody noticed the quiet is a call for help
I guess we'll figure it out ourselves
We'll figure it out ourselves

A parking lot in a hospital just outside of emergency
I've got a quinyl (?) and fentanyl and a scrip for the pharmacy
The first responder's on the scene and he's talking to the cops
They're talking to the doctor and he says this'll never stop
The cop says to the doctor there's nothing here we can do
There's self-inflicted, cross addicted, they're on the dark side of the doom



Running through the snow at night following the blood
His dog is on a leash licking his face but he won't wake up
Found alone his running shoe was rolled up in a fit
He said "f*ck your hat, you can have it back 'cause I will never quit"

It's all attitude, now fortitude that secret ain't safe with me
You want me to, I'll tell the truth, 'cause the truth will set you free
Otherwise a coke line and I'm drifting off into space
Sacrifice this space ship, won't be a hostage in your game


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