"Lies (Remix)"

[verse 1 (YNW_RDX)]
You think that i need you
But you ain’t sh*t
You act like lilo
But i ain’t stitch
Ohana means family
Guess your the b*tch
I got no lone
I got a phone
b*tch you can't
The Take heat ho
You can't
Go with the flow
You to low
You the one
To deal without me
b*tch I not to clingy
Ho I am the best
With the west
You think your
The best no
I am you broke
Up with me
You think your smart
You are the a dumbass
That f*cked up
You keep
Talking sh*t
Cause you are
sh*t b*tch
You like
To be a di*k
You lick
You like to lick pus*y
You motherf*cker
Think I am sh*t
I am a badass
I am in blood gang
You liking I speak
Facts ho lambert
She thinks that I
Cheated on her
She's a b*tch like a
Witch I am smoking
Weed with the bleed
b*tch she can try to
Cast me outside how
About that
She crys
She dies
She f*cking lied
She cryed when
I Stared at her
She a witch
She lick
With her b*tch
She trick me
And she b*tching
\She thinks that she can
Scare me yeah yeah
I am smoking
She working
I am getting
Punished that I did not do
She is b*tch got a witch
She cries
She dies
She lies
Every f*cking day
She thinks I can
Go rest in peace
f*ck it she can stop
Been an as*h*le
She is bast*rd
She is wasting her
f*cking time
She is a pus*y ass
Motherf*cker that
Does not stop f*cking around
She found she can go f*ck her self
And f*ck off I have to stay on my
Grind its like GTA 5 brrrrrrrrrrr yea

[Verse 2 (Lil botix)]
Why'd you have to lie to me
Why'd you even f*ck with me
You said you loved me
What's up with the f*ckery
I guess i was nothing to you
Just a fool
And now i'm hurt by you
I had no clue
What am i supposed to do
Move on?
Like what the f*ck
You expect to leave without a fuss
Lets crash the bus
You ain't one of us
You f*cked this up
Yeah, you f*cked me up
You used to hold me down
Now your kicking me on the ground
Look at me now
I'm a f*cking clown
But i'm scary
Clawed out my own f*cking eyes
Now i wanna die
Dot dot dot
Now i wanna cry
Dot dot dot
Contemplating suicide
Dot dot dot
Yeah, dot dot dot
You ignored me for a day
But when you left it caused me pain
I don't wanna stay
I wanna kill myself
Dot dot dot
Trust me
This ain't a cry for help
I was just knocked down the shelves
Its like war
Just lost a couple shells
Now i'm hidden in my shell
Dot dot dot
Yeah, dot dot dot

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