(Verse 1)
Yeah yeah b*tch he is a little leprochon
Thats like when he kicks with is little pus*y boots
He acts tough he thinks he can beat ever kid
In meadville who the f*ck you that sh*t don't make sence you b*tch
You suck di*k you like it I like pus*y you gay b*tch
You think I can't rap b*tch look at you f*cking chew he is going to get mouth cancer that sh*t is disgusing he is lusting with his gayfreind hahaha not gay with the fay your name is rednecktherapper its redneckthecrapper you like sh*t on your rap you like sh*t your pants I like to whip hit and run I pick my battles I don't pus*y out I just chose my battles haaaa I have to post up yeah Look in the minor it might brake you ugly b*tch you are a witch You think your dropping a dissy you dropping a prissy
I am sorry dude If you go and try to diss on me again I am going to hit harder then before

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