Lifeline lyrics


Joshua Bassett

Lyrics from Snippets (1, 2)

[Verse 1]
Doc said I got twelve hours
I called you without a second thought
Plane ride within the hour
As she pictures life without her son
Oh, oh, I know, mm-hmm

[Verse 2]
One hour visitation
She beats me in chess, another round
Don't matter what we're sayin'
I'm just glad you made it into town
Oh, oh, mm-hmm, mm-mm

Save me, now I'm facin'
All my fears of the unknown
I've been shakin' in my bones
Lately, I've been prayin'
To a god I've never known
I can't do this on my own

So try not to cry
I won't say goodbye just yet
So hold on to my hand
Oh, I'll be fine for tonight
With you by my side, oh my
But don't you know, you're my lifeline
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