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Danny's got superpowers

You can hit my phone but no, I won't reply
Money's callin', blowin' up my line
You told me that you would be mine
But I'm here alone and I know why
It's all 'cause I f*cked up
My one flaw is I can't show love
I'm free fallin', maybe fallin' apart
You never had me, I was gone from the start

I was gone from the start, too busy chasin' the stars
Got a bong in my hand, got a detour on Mars
It was all in the plan, I don't care if you're moping
I was close to the world but you left your bed open
On the slide, talkin' to other guys
Conversate like Pinocchio, you been tellin' me lies
And I knew you were a snake, could see it in your eyes
You were with five guys, without the burgers and fries

Why do I always give it...
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