Casey Veggies

"Made For It"

[Intro: Rockie Fresh]
Yeah (Yeah)
Rockie checkin' in (Checkin' in)
Fresh Veggies 2 sh*t
My n*gga Bizness Boi

[Chorus: Rockie Fresh & Casey Veggies]
Yeah, shorty asked me how I get that whip, b*tch, I paid for it
Asked me how I got all of these diamonds, b*tch, I paid for it
If you wanna talk about that life, I was made for it
Get into the money all night, I was made for it
Shorty asked me how I get my whip, yeah, I paid for it
Ask me how I got all of these diamonds, b*tch, I paid for it
If you wanna talk about that life, I was made for it
Get into the money all night, I was made for it (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
Young CV, the mob boss, b*tch, I ride for my squad
Like Al Pacino, you'll get whacked, we'll put that guap on your top
Tried to play for me a sucker, but I was not what you thought
I might do a short stack and spend that night on a watch
I been hearin' all these n*ggas tryna be somethin' they not
Eyes closed, I'm grindin' hard, I swear I don't see nobody (Nobody)
Life hit me with some real sh*t, but I stayed down and got it (Got it)
Make sure all my n*ggas straight, I swear that's one thing about me
These n*ggas frontin', I kept it one hundred
She's like, "Casey, I be seein' you stuntin'"
She told me she want it, I'm already knowin'
Do she want me or this dough that I'm blowin'?
Ring the alarm, sh*t be goin'
She gon' backflip for that money for sure
We be addin' it up so crazy all night
And then get right back at it in the morn'
We gon' get more, we gon' get more
Then we gon' double right back and get more
I swear chasin' hoes is really annoyin'
I just made a hundred thousand on tour
I just made him pick it up off the floor
b*tch, I'm made, yeah, we got it for sure
I just hit, she just made me record
Cash out, count it up when I'm bored, woah
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