The Intro lyrics


Casey Veggies

I'm in the studio solo right now too
Away from these f*ck n*ggas
I'm caught up in a game
But I'mma talk to you like this
I'mma tell you like this

Yeah, yeah
I'm just a young n*gga from a decent home
In the hood, so my pops got to keep the chrome
Walkin' home from schools, them gangsters tried to put me on
You see, I chose a different route, I wouldn't lead you wrong
Was up in class, writing raps, filling peace with poems
They say the youngins need a voice, so I'm speaking to 'em
Some n*ggas ain't got a choice, so to each his own
That really came from the struggle, so the streets is home
To clеar my mind, I had to let my pen bleed this song
Thinking back to '09, was grinding, wasn't evеn known
When I dropped that so-so, so homie where you at though?
Snuck up in the game, I swear we came through the backdoor
Went from opening up at most to getting paid for the [?] show
Then n*ggas turn they back on you, the fame make them act phony
Damn homie, how can I explain that?
You even know my momma n*gga, we used to go way back
We 'sposed to be on squad sh*t, pulling up in Maybachs
But we change the game, and ain't nothing gon' change that
This rap sh*t even broke me up with my main chick
Since I dropped Life Changes, nothing been the same since
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