"Rap Sh*t"

[Chorus: Classified]
I wrote a whole verse about rap sh*t
Then scrapped it
Like what the f*ck, ain't nobody wanna hear me rap about
How I spit metaphors and get busy any more
Got a whole lot of time these days
Me and my naive ways
Keep the change, when you coming with the cheap talk
We don’t hear nothing when the beat drop (drop)

[Verse 1: Classified]
This the type of sh*t you never hear about (hear about)
Question my position and my whereabouts (whereabouts)
Say I ain't a success 'cause I got a 6s
IPhone signal failing like my p*ss test
Man oh man, we do it first rate (first rate)
Back on the horse ’til the spurs break (spurs break)
Eight days a week, 25 hours a day
We one up 'em, double, triple 'em
Bust 'em, 'cause I'm trying to tell 'em life happens (life happens)
So pack your life jacket when you're kayaking through the white rapids
Are we clear now? (Aye-aye captain)
Every hoodie that I own smell like marijuana smoke
Call it high fashion, this is live action, ain’t no CGI
Hip-Hop ain’t the same since Nate Dogg died
My Momma keeps telling me my eyes look tired
But I'm just trying to make it through the week though
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