Travis Scott

"Know You Miss Me"

I know you miss me
And I ain't picking the phone no more that was last week
Tired of all your bullsh*t b*tch get off me b*tch get!
Smoking lotta trees yeah b*tch lotta broccoli
I'm sorry (Yeah I'm sorry, yeah I'm sorry)
Yeah, yeah I'm sorry (Yeah I'm sorry)
Had to smoke one drink one pop one
Got the henny wanna shot yeah i got one
Yeah yeah yeah

Taste good like soul food
Parked up outside in the old school
The new me back with the old you
A dog always find his way back home and it's so true


Later imma fall through and pop one
You know the motto smoke some, drink some, pop one
Got your hand on my Glock while your ass ride shotgun
High high stakes, we risk it every day
Ride round around
I know f*ckin' ugly n*ggas just not fun
Had to zero out the fade cause I'm not one

So smoke some, drink some, pop one (Lit!)
Smoke some, drink some, pop one (Lit!)
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