90210 (Dj Horse Remix) lyrics


Travis Scott

[Intro Travis Scott & Serena Deena]
She a porn star girl, oh, from the valley (honestly, God bless)
Who left her hometown world all for that alley
Oh, created Lake Tahoe all from her panties
(I hope it was wet like my jumper, though)
Ooh, used to take the long way home, long way home, all for that candy

[Verse Serena Deena]
Sex early in the morning (in the morning) keeps my day running (keeps my day running)
Memory's orgasmic, aye, good things are c*mming (good things are coming)
Cruising in the 6'4 i tell me o be just starting
Pop that speed and damn the cop, imma play Harry
Mfers I bag the deal, gussy up to the ninеs
Good life's a contract
Got the grams stashed for thе party
And I tell him don’t get hooked
Mfers move that wooo
That speeadball got me feeling
So wicky wacky…

[Chorus Travis Scott]
Jacques turned La Flame, now he rolling on an Addy
Fifty on a chain, 'nother fifty on a Caddy, ooh
He might pop him a pill, pop him a seal, pop anyone
Pop anything, pop anything to find that alley
Hmm, yeah, to find that alley (mmm)
[Verse Serena Deena]
It's some soiree and 304's in my f*ckin stoep
So the loudmouth better shut or just get it cooked..
Thats a proverb
Lotta dope in the stash
For some cray freaks and they do yayo in the coupe
I hid that .44 in my hip
In that hot pink suit …

[Chorus Travis Scott]
In that 90210, 90210, looking for that alley
In the 90210, 90210, looking for that alley, ooh
It's the superstar girl (baby's hooked)
Superstar girl, roaming in that alley (on feeling low)
Oh, in the 90210, 90210, somewhere in that alley
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