Kill Bill: The Rapper


[Verse 1: Kill Bill]
Jagged little pieces of the puzzle;
Sippin' on the colors 'til I fade into grey
I put my life into a bottle, let you guzzle
I found a star that I could ride and let you chase me away
I put my pride inside a cosmic mud puddle
Y'all be f*cking with my galaxy
The myriad is mad at me
Intergalactic tug-o-war to try to one-up you
What you want?
f*ck you, I don't even wanna love you
Let gravity crush you
Feel the atrophy bubble inside the muscle
Hit capacity a moment ago, but on the low
I'm in the c*ckpit, watch this
Pressing all your buttons
Nonsense comments flow through our discussions
Ain't no oxygen baby
I know you wouldn't care to know
But you been flying through my heart
And f*cking flipping barrel rolls
But, sh*t, I know, I get it
My hemisphere, you split it
We 'bout to blow up Mars
Just to say we f*cking did it

[Verse 2: Rav]
On the low, my soul don't show love
Trying to cut my throat from the moment I woke up
My cup won’t runneth over
My cup cannot go up to a half point, even
It’s stuck, and it all sucks
But eventually I’ll mend it
And then choose to run into something way bigger, like contentment
Only do what I want to
Like if I did it, and I then meant it, hoe, I do not f*ck with you
I've no resentment, I’m just letting all you know what I’m gon do
Currently stuck in a box where the water reaches my chin
See, I finally quit my job, but my problem is inside me
So, I’m trying to figure it out, get my ass up out of my couch
Get my ass up out of my house
Stick my head up out of the clouds
Move it, move it
Gots to do sh*t, movement
Feel the music fuel me and then sooth me, true sh*t
I gotta get up and clean my sh*t up, agree on what to get rid of
Before it becomes me and I regret that I ain't did it

[Outro Skit]
Rav: God damn, man, what the f-
Bill: Yo, Rav
Rav: What?
Bill: Have you tried hitting it?
Rav: Yeah, I've tried hitting it! I don't wanna break this sh*t!
Look, Bill, just...leave me alone man. I'm telling you, I got this. I'ma fix it right now, you watch. You just keep doing whatever you were doing over there, I've got this!

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