Kill Bill: The Rapper


Kittens in the engine, please don't turn the key
I want it all but you can keep eternity
Calm nights, touching teeth with urgency
I see the crescent spilling out the sky, doubt we'll ever catch it
Press the message with a preface, you don't get out alive
I watched a thousand feathers soar and then get ripped out the sky
See we ain't special, rusty points poking out the metal
Pressure in the pedals, take a step into the meadow
Raw lattice, it's just all satisfactory
Cold call addict, touching paws with the scaffolding
So calm capping, how you sleeping with the screaming
Club ten deep, you know I'm creeping with the demons
f*ck embracing the faith
I need a proof that I exist for anyone but myself
I think it's funny how I rationalize
Keep the patterns aside, let it kill me 'fore it shatters my pride
It's mister backwoods packages, slacking boy I've mastered it
Never check my messages, the precipice is baffling
I debted it, fried it up and breaded it, [?]
Confronting ain't my function, b*tch I'm dreading it, I am a
You see success, I see a mountain with the summit missing
Counting numbers for a living, this ain't f*cking living
Am I tripping? b*tch I might be
I got too many stains on my white tee
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