Beef is Frying lyrics



[Verse 1: ND]
Bust them doors jump out, get fishing
Civilians watching, mind your own business
I'm doing two weeks in country, serving my mums, {?] reported man missing
Sin Squad step, slap corn where you're thinking
One eye closed, no winking
Jakes wanna know where the waps are hidden
Sin Squad step, tape off where you're chilling
I'll back my friend, I won't stand there watching
Shanks get swung, I don't know about boxing
What happened to R**z is shocking
L22 got hit in his noggin
K on the L, have you f*cking lost it?
Last n*gga that added them K's got put in a coffin
12 gauge long, so you know he need chopping
12 gauge long so you know he got shortened
This gyallie hеre so boring, yawning
On the opp block, exploring, touring
Bladеs get stuck to your organs
Cells get beat in the night and the morning
Waps get beat in the night and the morning
Bro, went to the 2's and bored him
Sin Squad double back phones and record it

[Verse 2: Bizzy]
Rambo, trying to push it in organs
Laughing, I heard I f*cked up his walking
Talk is talk, but talk is cheap, so I did up the boy A[?]
Hey {?] did the camera see?
I was all blacked out like GP
That boy got chinged on an empty stomach, all he wanted was some McD's
Serious splashing, my sinners are violent
Double tap that then duck from sirens
They act for the social media, live in the flesh, they go into hiding
Purge, purge on your block with [?] swing and ching doing grim, no reaper
[?] face no way I can [?] her, deepthroats to a driller push it deeper

[Verse 3: TP]
I'm on the opp block riding solo, yo bro I don't know {?] about Volvo
Jailhouse swinging right and left at them. it's ments
I heard he got dropped
[?] got kicked and punched
All of their chat is enough
Two of they batch to a pack
Put down your phone, come glide for your guys
Come glide for your guys
Circle the 9 it's easy peasy
I can't see no opps, they're neeky
Jump out gang, on tots
Them man run real fast, they're speedy
Shh try run, couldn't catch his breath
Bro bro caught him a shaving
Them man chat on the Lane, but they know that Lane be stepping
Big bro put two in the spinner, but you know that Jigga press it
I'm in the ride with [?] with Smith
You [?] me [?] Wesson
When I caught me a 22 boy, I had to give him a cheffing
Them man chat on the bro, but they know that bro got a Smith & Weston
Pull up [?] 9, them man dash
I see that yute obligate his wassy
Chatty chatty, them man they come like patties
They won't see TP with his f*ck off shank, tryna put him in a hurse
[?] Tuggzy he knows that you wanna sit [?]

[Verse 4: Shemz]
Old school friends turn paigons
Then a boy start rapping (Uh)
Shorty wanna spend some time, I told her "cool" cah the boy just trapping
But still get treat like darling (Uh)
Caramel barbie, chocolate browning. how can you be so jarring?
I said "all of my guys are sinners"
I ain't into the talk and verbal
And dude to my left too mental
Wet man's face make him look like turtle
17 inch sitting in a man's trousers
Give man chest shots, no trousers
Man's still tryna insert blades, turn man red make him look like Scousers
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