I HAVE A GUN lyrics


Ham Sandwich (USA)

[Intro: Ham Sandwich and Rebound ]
Rebound finna snap on this hoe, no cap
Yeah, shoutout that guy (Ay ay)
Yuh, look (Ooh)

I got a clip and a gun, they got several extensions (Ooh)
Big round out the clip, make an impact like Genshin (Yo, ay, huh?)
I got a gun so big when I shot it it broke my arm off (Ooh)
They was looking for a real shooter that's someone you are not (Damn)
Got a gun so big when I shoot it it move me back like graves with the R-Shot (Boom)
Got a gun so big that- (Woo!) (Oh my god!)
I got a gun so big that it shoot by itself (Woah)
Got a gun so big it don't fit on my shelf (Woah)
When I shoot that gun it gon' lower your health (Woah)
You got a gun for show and tell (Show and tell!)
Green in my pockets, growing well (Damn, yessir)
Green in my pockets, making big racks (Yessir)
You're not about that life, that's big facts (Damn)
You want beef then I pull up with a big mac (Ooh)
You wanted to get faded so I pulled up with a six-pack (woah, woah)
Got a gun so big when I shoot it, it leave a big hole (Ooh)
Don't need your advice but I keep me a pole (Ooh)
Shoutout to Cole
He want smoke so I pulled up on his block (Damn)
We the new-gen got the game on lock (Damn)
Y'all acting nutty, I keep it in a sock (Damn)
Y'all acting chicken, I keep it in the stock (Damn)
Gun so big, make somebody kick rocks (Ooh)
Keep me a strong arm look like a jock, strap (Ooh)
I got the straps in my bag like I'm Dora (Brrah)
Deal with the slimes, they call me Veldora (Pow, pow)
I'm the new avatar, shoutout to Korra (Brah, bah bah)
But my choppa gonna fly like Aang (Ooh)
Choppa so big it caused the Big Bang (Ay)
Shoutout to Sonic getting big rings (Ay, ooh)
Y'all all bark, y'all do not bite, but I'll be walking around with big fangs, yuh (Yessir)
Bro that beat, sucks
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