Pokemon Rivals Cypher lyrics


Ham Sandwich [USA]

[Verse 1: Blue (Ham Sandwich)]
It's that dude, Blue, back in a new tune
Smacking ya whole team, 'till ya blackin out, new moon
I'm trackin a new route, you lacking the juice, dude
This S.S. Anne drip, I'm happy to cruise through
I act like a loose nuke, I could blow any second
I go where I'm destined, could catch me on the throne in a minute
I don't need directions, I'm rolling with a set of exceptionals
Settling for 2nd place is not an option! My crew is incredible!
Stackin' heads on a totem like my Exeggutor
And sending all your monsters to the medical
My group is impeccable, we resistant to the flying "STAB"
'Zard, Blastoise, or Venusaur, doesn't matter, whichever way put a beam up to your chest, make you Iron Man
Solar or a fire blast, burn 'em like a frying pan
Hydro Pump'll wet him, send him higher than a geyser can
Squad full of legends in the making, stocks rising, I got diamond hands

[Verse 2: Silver (The Kevin Bennett)]
Snatching up a starter from Professor Elm's lab
Sneasel for the stealing, you ain't never get it back
I'ma shove you to the pavement, if you try to interact
Call the police, tell 'em I'm the one who really get the badge
If you battle with the best, you gettin' bullied!
With Silver Rival, you gon' need a silver bullet!
Trigger pull it, I'm pushing my Pokemon to the fullest
If they ain't strong enough, I rid 'em 'cause I'm not with that bullsh*t
I'll take you out in mahogany, Goldenrod City
I wanna put a stop to Team Rocket because they all are weak
Honestly, biologically Giovanni my poppa
He said that he gotta leave, he's a coward father that I don't need
It's probably why I don't have me a heart of gold
But over time I learned there's a silver part of my soul
The barbarous side of myself is what I thought to control
Even got to keep the starter I stole, ay
[Verse 3: Wally (Mat4yo)]
I'm off the wall, call me Wally the unstoppable
Pass the ball and I'll accomplish the impossible
My oxygen is toxic, I can feel it in my bronchioles
Sick spitting kid gonna send you to the hospital
*Cough* I got green on my brain
Make it rain when I clock you with Mega Gallade
You can call it a cute charm, but make no mistake
I got this rock on my chain like I'm Flava Flav
How I'm running with the blade, this psy-fight is sci-fi
I'll tear ya with Altaria, sky high
Make ya say "mayday", used to be afraid, but I'm switching up the game, I'm no longer Mr. Nice Guy
Bad to the bone, prone to blast away foes
He's the one who's flashing cannons, and is known to load the mag on his own
I'm giving an oath, written in stone, I'm gonna travel the globe!
Anyone thinking that I'm gonna choke, ain't gonna make it through Victory Road!

[Verse 4: Barry (Cam Steady)]
Yuh, came in with the thud!!
Barry wanna battle, better hurry cause your man is in a rush
Can't even slow him for a Pokédex, so good luck keeping up
And if you're tardy to the party, I'll be charging a million bucks!
What? I'm all gas and no brakes
Rapidash, flame 'em faster, learned from master Crasher
They crash in my wake, when I blast them with waves
That close combat's Jurassic, Staraptor, I ace
On my aerial sh*t, in the stereo mix
Gotta tear a EQ, I'ma bury a b*tch
Yeah, if Barry hits, your barrier's bricked
Hope the berry hits, because the ape'll burn with a flare in a blitz
Yeah, when Barry bonds with scary mons, we're giant in size
If you care to rock, the Heracross be making you slide
Swear my parents got the brains to know I'm not gonna fall
While you never had game, I got you looking like Paul
[Verse 5: Cheren (Politicess)]
You ain't f*cking with intelligent minds
Stepping to I, gen packing, always stay with a 5
Gotta be ill thinking that your mons better than mine
Let's be real, nothing cure him 'less the Draco arrive
I'm tryna chill, basic b*tches be hittin' me for the badge
T.C.G., mad paper, tryna make it straight from the pack
Never lack, twin ninas, this N be pulling the mag
You steady in the same place, always losin' the match
While I be moving and moving, there ain't be nothing you doing
Up in the gym, new challenger, my wins always looping
They knew me back when I was trash, but my now the battle amusing
Clear body, Klinklank way the toolie improving
This metal I'm using catch anybody tryin' to fight
Putting dots over your head like you entered my sight
You gettin' 6-0'd, acting like that sh*t a surprise
I'll make him incarnate a legend, send his life to the sky

[Verse 6: Hugh (Ty Wild)]
It's young Hugh, no Hefner, I don't Play, Boy
This ain't a game, boy! Need a de-esser for these highs, dawg!
Red sight on the draco, lift 'em like Flygon
Team Plasma praying I let bygones be bygones
We Rivals, you'll try, dawg, but I promise I'm the GOAT
You wandering in silence ever since you left your momma home
Cartridge loaded, black and white, they really seein' monochrome
Colress, how this magnum might spark when I'm finished countin' down
Unpleasant, X-in your brain out, like how them thugs reppin'
Unfezant, fly with a scope if you pussies dumb steppin'
Done lettin' up for you losers, I'll never come second
They chant my name, all eyes on me, thought I was Ghetsis
Dumb flexin', green on my mind, like a sage I'm too wise
It blew minds, semi pour rounds, wet 'em like a tsunami
Banana clip on the semi, sear 'em when dude firing
Dude wildin', make 'em see different the way that Hue sliding
[Verse 7: Shauna (Chi-Chi)]
Sit down X and Y
Honies, do you even gotta ask why?
Kalos is my stage, I'll be out here performing
Got the moves and skills that everyone's adoring
Try and catch me on Route Nineteen or whatever!
I'll be dancin' 'round you with Tierno and Trevor
Petals bring the metals, Ivysaur and Flabebe
Hate to burst your bubble, but you're leaving sore, baby
Bumpin' up to me
Better be prepared, I won't be Delicatty
You're still in awe and slippin' up on Goodra
I'll still be on and leave you like a loser
We may have started on the same page
But I'm the one who's making moves and gonna leave you upstaged
So shoot your shot and struggle all you wanna
You got a ways before you roll with Shauna

[Verse 8: Hau (Mix Williams)]
Movin' too quick like Raichu, I'm the big Kahuna in this b*tch, watch me slide through
I don't give a f*ck if I lost, I was born to be a boss, if you stepping to the kid, whitting out is what you might do
All you other trainers looking like food, eating competition like it's Malasada
Got the Z-crystal drip and you all got nada, Decidueye gon' swoop from the sky if he wanna
Ay look, my shawty a fairy like Primarina is
My chances of winning is big as the arena is
Yeah, the keys to the island, n*gga, I'm holding those
Haters sleepin' on me, no Komala comatose
Surge serfin', ride the wave, got no time for whinin'
I'm eleven years old, but I'm the greatest on the island!
They call me c*cky, but I'm learning to be confident
I'ma conquer all the regions like my grandpapa did, n*gga

[Verse 9: Hop (Breeton Boi)]
You ain't leveled up your team? Best hop to it
To win the league, said you better best hop to it
Like Pincurchin, I bring the static, you can have it
The terrain to my advantage, Poison Jab until you not movin'
Not stupid, talkin' Pokedollars, but you not fluent
I flew in on a Corviknight, the flight was all smooth
And I've proven that you all synthetic like you type: nulling
Squad grew in size like I Gigantamaxed the whole building
Snipe shot, wet 'em up, no Inteleon
Claim he be the victor, don't care what he says he on
Bring your team and Cinderace, still you'll never be as hot
I ain't really one with all the cap, don't tell Leon
'Cause Big Bro's having a champion time
And I profess that I'll be next up in line
'Cause each and every bar of mine a Pokémon, unique in type and design
It's paradoxal how I've caught 'em all and not Mr. Rime

[Verse 10: Gary Oak (Mega Ran)]
I can't mess with professor, he always givin' me lectures
But they don't make me no better, man, I'm just after the treasure
I'm Gary Oak, it's your pleasure, wanna go? Then have at you
Who else could bring a cheerleading section to the battle?
I like the Arcanine, when it's time to mix it up
But I'm unpredictable, you know I like to switch it up
You gon' need the task force when I got my Blastoise
Can't stop, won't stop, ninety six bad boy
We about that bag, boy, Pokeballs in the tour van
Leave you shook like Ash, when the door slam
I took a couple L's, but it's all love
Tilt 'em fourty five degrees and now it's all dubs
Scizor 'bout to get you, have you clawed up
Blame grandpa 'cause that's how I was brought up
I think I really been the best after all
'Cause it didn't even take a Master Ball to capture y'all
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