Monkey_hostage_situation.mp3 lyrics


Teenage Disaster

This is a hyper pop song
This is Teenage Disaster saying I'm making a hyper pop song
This is the left recording channel
I monkey!
I- I like hyper pop

[Verse 1]
Woke up and met a little monkey
He is not very funny
I told him to leave my room
Then he pointed a gun at me
Yeah, I said monkey hostage situation
It is not, it- it is not an ideal situation
Did not, give him, banana
Monkey gonna kill me if I don't appease his needs
Monkey hostage situation
Not very funny after all this time

Time, time, time

[Verse 2]
Monkey in my room
He is not vеry cool
And I f*cking hate his sh*t
Chimp pimp with a limp
I'm in danger with a chimp
Yeah, hit a kid with a bus
Call that, murdеr with a vehicle
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