LAME lyrics


Teenage Disaster

[Verse 1: Afourteen]

[Verse 2: Lieu]
Hi, I wanna kill myself, I do nothing well
And they tell me to do it, I guess I might as well
And they sit there, wait for me to go to Hell
Hate my life, I cannot do this on my own
And they sendin' me messages and I just ignore
And I hate me so much, you don't know [?]
Don't know what to say

[Verse 3: Teenage Disaster]
Yeah, swingin' at a punk b*tch
Stompin' on their spine till I see it break like chopsticks
Woah, I'm just paranoid
Taking a while to paint things out for myself
You don't know me so don't act like you do
Killin' people in the night, gotta tip toe (Haha)
Flashin’ lights in the rearview
Just know that I got to get at you (you, you, you)
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