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Zachary Hill

[Intro: Zac and Dylan]
Ooh, yeah, haha
Carson, Caraon
You’re gonna get mad at this, Darren

[Verse 1: Zac]
Carson, you have a di*k
But how can you be a pus*y?
Carson, eat so much so I’ma call you Tootsie
Carson, you act like a b*tch so I’ma call you sissy
Carson, you’re ugly: the opposite of dishy
f*ck you Carson, you f*cking suck
Lookin' like Tarzan, you act like a schmuck
Carson, you’re gay with Drew
Don’t have a stray, don’t have queue
Daddy’s gonna get mad
He’s gonna be a grandad
Havin' sex with Drew?
Who even knew?
Actin' like a cannibal
Move away to Hannibal
Name should just be Annabelle
Rap is warm like affable
Carson, you are retarded
Always actin' so guarded
Always needin' a bargain
Opposite of rеgarded

[Interlude: Dylan]
What up, little stinker—[chucklе]

[Verse 2: Dylan]
Carson, we finna hit you so hard
That you’re gonna need a nurse
Actually, this verse made you need a hearse
So, homie, you gotta steal a purse
Yeah, yeah, spittin' bars left and right
These bars is like flying a kite
Yeah, yeah, we’re on a fight
Yeah, this rap gonna make you feel pain
Gonna leave a hurricane
Gonna get fame
Boy, you’re still lame
Won’t even play a game
Gonna remove your tame
Tryna shoot a diss track but you can’t aim
Carson, why did you leave?
You’re crazy, you’re a f*ckin' baby
We be rappin' like Slim Shady
Carson, your dad is a di*k
You just became a prick
See a di*k, you go lick
You’re gay, for once you gotta pay
Carson, you made a bad choice
You have such a bullsh*t voice
[Outro: Dylan]
To be honest, Carson, I don’t really know what went wrong
But again…
See you, fag
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