"Riff Raff [If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It]"

[Verse 1]
See it on television, every day
Ya hear it on the radio
It ain’t humid, but it sure is hot
Down in Mexico
A barmaid's tryin' to tell me (ha-ha)
"Beginning of the end"
Sayin' it'll bend me
Too late, my friend

Riff Raff
Oh, it's good for a laugh
Riff Raff
Go on and laugh yourself in half
Smile a while

[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 2]
Now, I'm the kinda guy that keeps his big mouth shut
It don't bother me
Somebody kickin' me when I'm up
Leave me in misery
I never shot nobody
Don't even carry a gun
I ain’t done nothin' wrong
I'm just having fun
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