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"It’s Not The Same As It Felt Before"

We’re drinking coffee
And brushing shoulders
With the gate keepers of our future
I’m begging god to please let this one finally stay

I hope I’m not playing
Into somebody’s nonsense
I need to say this
I can’t play favorites
Everyone I love
Wants for me to run away

There’s only so much space
Now displaced from the momentum I had
Through a slippery slope down
(I hope I can handle this change)
Tunnel vision led to blinding myself
From finding this help to be less than what I hoped for
Through this static sound
(I hope I can handle this change)
There’s no such thing as a private life anymore
Bedroom floor has become an alter to a new tomorrow
(I hope I can handle this change)
When I only envision
When my eyes are closed tightly
It’s slightly irritating
No I can’t take another harsh blow
Until I understand this time is borrowed
Time is borrowed

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