Without you lyrics



They say
You're never coming back
You'll never have a dad
I'll never give them practice
But the words hurt where they have been
I'm sleeping on your mattress
Like I always have been
(Ignore that voice crack)
Maybe I miss you bad
Maybe I miss you dad
Oh no

A bit after my birthday
We celebrated for
I was ready for winter
I only wanted more
I woke up to the screaming
Coming from my mom
And that's when I had realized
That something had gone wrong
Oh no

Thеn I fought the urge
Then I fought thе urge to go insane
Then my dreams
Then inside my dreams I hear your name
But look at me now
I'm doing so great
Even without
I'm making these songs
And though not for long
It's all been without you
I kind of feel guilty
This computer you built me
I wouldn't have this without you
Sure, I did all the steering
But I wouldn't do a thing
If you never taught me all your little facts about engineering
Couldn't have done it without you

(Whenever I have a big issue like this)
(That takes over)
(My mental space)
(There's a deep voice I talk to)
(That takes the role of a therapist)
(And, sounds a lot like yo-)
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