No Malice

"Closed On Sunday (Remix)"

**Lyrics from Snippet**
[Verse 1: Consequence]
I had the dip on my balls
What all dip is this?
See this drip really caused all the differences
These tips just became insignificant
But this my sauce, man
I should order chicken strips
I'm from the strip where they might strip your rights away
Where the hicks might try to take your life away
But there's a price to pay for the evil that men do
For the betrayal that friends do
Evaluate what I've been through
Stolen PIN numbers at venues
And that's enough to change
For something to add to your menu
I see through you and your awful lies
I can see through all you little squares like waffle fries
Not to philosophize
On wave or rentals
But interfere in my bread
And find yourself in a pickle
I made my life really simple
I need a mom and a wifey
Not a bird that'll talk to me spicy
Nah, my new actor did it
I'd rather choke my chicken
Then have a snack from Satan
'Cause it's no longer enough that you thick for days
Same policy as Chick-fil-A

[Chorus: Kanye West]
Closed on Sunday, you're my Chick-fil-A

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