"Mutha Music"

Welcome to my channel Had to channel all my energy
Little miss poppin pus*y I been sleeping with the enemy
f*cking on a n*gga that I shouldna gave a second thought
Balls for being fruitless call me Eve without the titi ?
Acting like you ain’t know who I am good without a man
Step my pus*y up and catch a tan on that santan (?)
Rollin rollin rollin it’s better out in Sweden
That American molly had me acting like a demon
Never press or stress a n*gga with a b*tchy attitude
You can go sit in the corner ima call my other boo
Yeah I’m too good for you
Been knew it but you proved it
Snooze so you lose baby I’m an early bird
What’s the word on the worm what your di*k like
Can you keep up? pus*y game I don’t bring life(?)
You a waste of time waste of money got me wasting all this honey And you not even a bear you just a baby you allergic
Real b*tch serve real tea, yeah
Only real n*ggas handle hoes like me, yeah
Bet you catch me slipping it was cute while it lasted
Now you out of fashion
Puma to a jimmy choo

I say pay for the pus*y or get played by the pus*y
I can’t stay with a pus*y less there’s titis involved
pus*y rehab give a n*gga pus*y withdrawals
You a pus*y n*gga don’t deserve the pus*y at all
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