Hateithere lyrics



Yeah, b*tch

I say bae I want some di*ky, like what else is new
I just made a thousand in an hour, hold on make it two
I been in my bag, these b*tches mad, I ain't gone ? em out
I'm gone validate you, recreate you, write them texts out
These b*tches think I'm soft, I'm so exfoliating
Glow when I exfoliate it
Keep getting bigger, getting ?
I keep getting hated
Might whip yo ass in front the class, you know humiliating
Might knock you out, then cut the grass, you know decapitated
Fiends stay in your lane, I like to stay whеre I am celebratеd
Knock b*tches out, you f*ck for clout
We not get where your people can't get my people
Your sneakers can't hit my block
I'm higher than your little ?
I'm ? you getting whopped
Little b*tch

Let them hoes fight (Imma say what I wanna)

Slap that hoe (If you bout it slap that hoe)

Beat that b*tch (If you gotta beat that b*tch)

Choke that hoe (If you gotta choke that hoe)

Let them hoes fight
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