Xanakin Skywok


Uh, ayy, gang
Shake, shake, shake it (Oh, yeah, oh)
Shake (Oh), shake, shake it (Oh, yeah, uh)

Sh-Sh-Sh-Shake, shake, shake what ya mama really gave ya (Yeah)
I like the kitty pretty, and it's bald like Xavier (Uh)
I'm pushing out the city (Yeah)
Make the calls like a pager (Yeah)
I'm all for the lasers (Yeah)
Gotta ball like the Lakers

I'ma king, I gotta stay up
IRS, I'll make you pay up (Pay up)
If she bad, she better lay up (Lay up)
And spread it like some maya (Maya)
I be jockin' on Laqeesha
She think she Queen Latifah (Nah)
I'ma bust it on her back
Leave her wrapped up like a Pita (Pita)
Man, my ace gon' leave yo' jaw broke
I bet yo' pistol off tone (Uh)
Man, this missile off, the pistol hot
The man he got his heart smoked (Boom)
Man, I got no time for convo (Nah)
This skeeza got her heart broke
I'm flexing hard, you flexing soft
This VV barred like Rondo
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