​i’m sorry lyrics



(Said I'm sorry, I'm sorry)
(Said I'm sorry, I'm sorry)

Yeah, you're the love of my life
And the apple of my eye
When I'm down you pick me up
And help me fly

You make me want to chase my dreams again
I don't know why
But there's something so amazing about you
It makes me feel alive

I wish I could give you what you needed from me
Cause you deserve it
I'm a mess and I bring problems and
I don't wanna bring my burdens

I feel we're perfect but we met
At the wrong time
Wish I could take away your scars
And makе em all mine

But I've been hurt so many timеs
It's hard for me to trust again
I made a promise to myself that
I won't love again
But there's just something telling me you different
I'm not scared of loving you
I'm scared I'm not enough again
Cause my ex didn't care I'm at the bottom
You asked me bout my problems
Well she's the reason why I got em

I know I should've walked away cause we was toxic
That's why it's hard to use my heart because I lost it

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