Eatin x CYGG (Gay Parody) lyrics


Team Clutch

[Intro: CYGG]
He need to be rapping about
Him hearing cheeks clappin’ and putting some meat in my throat

[Verse: KollosalKocks]
Bro, this how it go
Caught in a limbo of sticks, boy, we droppin’ it low
CYGG out here gobblin’ skeet
And then renamed it “Eatin” and thought we ain’t know
He gon’ see this erection, his booty start sweatin’
I tell him it needs his saliva to grow
Chocolate ass skin and the jaw of a god
I swear Pooh lookin’ dreamy and I’m ‘bout to blow!
BBC Pooh, that you?
Yeah, hopped on track and you thought you was slick
f*ck is you talkin’ ‘bout “eatin’ on meat”
While knowing damn well that you talkin’ ‘bout di*k, bet
Just so you know, I’m beating my meat the damn moment you capturing this
When I catch you lackin’, I’m packin’ and bendin’ you over
Just like a damn fag do his wrists
I’m in yo booty, my guy
No way you can pause on my di*k and this ain’t for discussion
Adding yo screams to my songs
And what I’m gon’ do to yo ass is surpassing disgusting
Rip it, stick it, flip it
Now you a gay Bop It, I’m f*cking you up like it’s nothing
Tootin’ yo ass in the air and fill up the prolapse
Gon’ look likе a mountain erupting
Uh, CYGG, I’m taking that rear
No possible way to disputе
You fooled yo fans, but both of us know the real reason that n*ggas be calling you “Pooh”
Hella reactions to videos, I wanna know how yo fans gon’ react to the truth
Catch yo gooch gushin’
CYGG gon’ get every orfice he got filled with goop
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