Jarren Benton

"Hopsin, Dizzy Wright & Jarren Benton freestyle - Westwood Crib Session"

[Verse 1: Jarren Benton]
Funk Volume, yeah, let's go
Yo, I smother you with a feathered pillow
I bite the barrel of a .38 until I break teeth and sever the pistol
Crazy isn't the issue, I'm simply f*cking deranged
Cut off half of your face and I let the rest of it hang
n*ggas taking shots, you better adjust your aim
See I've been through some sh*t, I've just adjusted the pain
Maniac in a mink coat
I spit fire then I slam 'em off the roast like Ricky "The Dragon" SpeedBoat
I breathe life on this mic dude
I beat 'em with the same cross that Jews nailed Christ to
It's obvious that I don't like you
I'll meet you at the school at 2 O'clock to fight you
Cut my arm off and j*rk off with my right foot
Smoke crack, stay up all night and I write books
I'm tryin' to face f*ck Ke$ha
You n*ggas got beef, I bring the lettuce and ketchup
Alright Tim, I 'fes up
I'm really not a human, I'm eating you from the neck up
All that f*cking hating you doing, it don't affect us
You wake up with a grudge like, "Mom, f*ck breakfast!"
f*ck you, her, him and them
You feminine, you gave a rim job to Tim and Jim
You and the word 'fag' is a synonym
Jarren signing out, the n*gga version of Eminem

[Verse 2: Hopsin]
Yo, yo, It's pretty clear that I'm a bit different
I lost my mind of '09 and I still don't know what I did with it
Now I punch babies and kick midgets
I bust a glass bottle over you head after I p*ss in it
The game never showed no sympathy for Marcus
f*ck it, I got a new remedy to start sh*t
Every wack rapper is now an enemy, a target
I'm gifted, you flat-out mentally retarded
b*tch, I don't reason with fags
I'll uppercut you so hard, the front row of all your teeth'll collapse
Your jaw bone'll get too weak and detach
I'll put you in a coma so long it'll take you eight weeks to get back
I'm rocking out on Tim West', and I'm representing with my crew
I'm wack? Take a second and listen to my tunes
You n*ggas better quit, I advise you
You'll never go in, like an un-erected di*k in a dry cooch
Yeah, Hopsin

[Verse 3: Dizzy Wright]
Rappers get nervous when they see me in the picture
They know the consequences of me becoming that n*gga
Funk Volume representer, leaving n*ggas in a maze
You can't get to Hop if I'm playing security at the gate
It's crazy 'cause I'm in and out the vague
I see a lack of preparation, but I ain't giving out no breaks
I'm giving out these hands, so I'm letting you know in advance
If you try to step to the plate, I let my lyrics break your face
I went from soul-searching to smoke out
Now I'm overseas and these shows are still sold out
You should be ashamed if you thinking I'm about to hold out
I'm just coming from a city where I had to kick the door down
A flat top 'til my hair is long
Try to clown then I'ma have to hang you with this heron bone
The south f*ck with us 'cause, n*gga, we put Jarren on
Carry on, we just tryin' to get out money very long
Yeah, and it's working quite nicely
Get your wifey, too much time she might like me
The new version of DJ Quick in the '90's
My lyricism got these wack n*ggas tryin' to find me
It's crazy, I went from nothing to something
Said I was going global, now I'm rapping out of London
I'm comin', I've been a savage
I'm heading for your demographic
f*ck a punchline, I make instant classics n*gga

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