Current 93

"The Return of the Final Church"

In the moonlight
By the sea
In a country
In a town
Now quickly
Now slowly
Now in pain
Now in love

In different shapes
When I was young
When I was young
I used to dream
And the wind blows
And the owl sings
And dogs are driven wild
And dogs break their chains
And run through the lands
A prey to madness
With wild eyes dying
With wild eyes burning
They raise their heads
They swell their cold necks
Like a cat that's ripped its guts
Like a hungry child's breath
Like a woman about to give birth
Like a young girl singing
At the stars in the north
At the stars in the south
At the stars in the west
At the stars in the east
At the moon
At the mountains
At the rocks
At the pain
At the thief
At the snakes
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