Current 93

"With the Dromedaries"

With the dromedaries, lambs and whore
He wrote him gardens, glistens the dreamers

If I had a wish to clear the dusk
And through the lunadisc

I would add perfumes onto paper
And sitting serpents smoking fags
Or doing speed, drinking mead
As plastic viking or driven raven

Her strangle, my pasts, off with my vanished head
Off with the armorial dead

Off to the burial ground, the round grave carnival
The dragon in the bolo bag, oh, Anis in lipstick
For salmon in high heels, salamander in drag
The pass nail to the mast of blood and blinks

The modular winks
From the armadillos amens or queens
Homosexual heavens on twin, and here comes counts
You are that judgement with what you are

You will be embraced by the kindness of the king
Christ descends, death above
Jesu god whose home is the cross
Humor little children, honor the hoop and the bell
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