Current 93


She's pouring brown gold
Into her veins
She lost her own way
Years ago
Her sister calls her
From the dark side of the night
And she falls with that call
It's the only way out
She tells me "I love you"
But it's only a game
So she slides through the silence
She's fixing her time
To fall back into darkness
Again with a smile
"Don't touch me, I'm falling"
She laughs in the night
"Don't touch me, I shall return
When the wheel comes around
You see, we're all born to suffer
We're all born to fall
In a grеy shaded world
That calls us to zero"
Her mothеr mouth slits
Her father lies taken
She touches my body
But I crouch up to die
Down the Ramblas we're walking
In Reykjavik we're talking
The snow is moon-cold
The room freezes over
She's reading a book
She's finished it years ago
She's tearing up paper
She's tearing up life
But she only starts thinking
When her blood is brown
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