Young Thug

"Heart in a Bag*"

Lyrics from Snippet

...If I tell on anybody, pray to God I die the same day
I shot his body then I pray to God the same day
I caught a bag and bought the b*tch a car the same day
My heart lover, but see that ain't what my pain say
You had my heart in your pocket like a device, girl
You didn’t tell me sh*t was good, I can't deny it girl
But you didn't never know lil’ shawty wouldn't bite
You didn't tell me this was clear, it would be right
You ever had the chance to figure out your life, baby, yeah
Came a long way from a Metro
Now it's Comme des Garçons, bosses on my leg, woah
I'll pin a b*tch up, on the bed board, okay
All my life I ran from the cops
I live in and out a hotbox
I never had to go to the block
My daddy had [?]
My whole life I ain't see a wrong, I ain't see a Glock
Just a bad ass n*gga, [?] and never ever thought to stop
Dot my I's and cross my T’s
Let my show sell out at night
’Cause I got haters and opps, so I don't be posting flyers
I know hatred ain’t that nice
Know a couple fraud b*tches, marry n*ggas overnight
Put a b*tch on 'em, divorce him, then get half of his life
b*tches plottin' on an abortion, trying to f*ck you every night
Keep that pus*y good as squeegee, and it's juicy, and it’s tight
Just an insecure b*tch, ain't got insurance on your life
Yeah you right, n*ggas dogs, but a dog, hoe will bite (Rarr, rare)
I'm the capo, I bossed up my whole life
We can't be like none of you n*ggas, we some tourists
b*tch will f*ck your rich friend for insurance
And I rock cash mill rich n*gga sh*t, I eat calamari
I don't need no pen, I've been black carded
Got a sleeve on my shin, and I'm with a barbie
She got Benz on Benz, and my baby bought that
She said, hood...
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