Young Thug

"Heart In A Bag*"

Lyrics from snippet

...If I tell on anybody, pray to God I die the same day
I shot his body then I pray to God the same day
I caught a bag and bought the b*tch a car the same day
My heart lover, but see that ain't what my pain say
You had my heart in your pocket like a device, girl
You didn’t tell me sh*t was good, I can't deny it girl
But you didn't [?]
You didn’t tell me this was clearly ever gonna be right
You ever had the chance to figure out your life baby, yeah
Came a long way from a Metro
Now it's Comme des Garcons [?] on my leg, woah
I'll pin a b*tch up, on the bed board, okay
All my life I ran from the cops
I live in and out a hotbox
I never had to go to the bar
My daddy had [?]
My whole life I ain't see a [?], I ain't see a [?]
Just a bad ass n*gga, [?] never ever thought to stop
Dot my I's and cross my T's
Let my show sellout at night
Cause I got haters and opps, so I don't be posting flyers
I know hatred it ain’t nice
Know a couple fraud b*tches, marry n*ggas overnight
Put a b*tch on ’em, divorce him, then get half of his life
b*tches plotting on an abortion, trying to f*ck you every night
Keep that pus*y good as squeegee, and it's juicy, and it’s tight
Just an insecure b*tch, ain't got insurance on your life
Yeah you right, n*ggas dogs, but a dog, hoe will bite
I'm the [?], I bossed up my whole life
We can't be like none of you n*ggas, we some tourists
b*tch will f*ck f*ck your rich friend for insurance
And I rock cash mill rich n*gga sh*t, I eat calamari
I don’t need no [?], I've been black carded
Got a sleeve on my shin, [?]
She got benz on benz, and my baby [?]
She said, hood...

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