Young Thug

"With You*"

Lyrics from snippet

Come here, baby [?]

f*cked her from the car to the bedroom
Listen to me, b*tch, like a fed room
Stay up, baby, [?]
But don't answer my phone, I be dead on
Remote control her life, I'ma race it
b*tch, I got a mink coat on in the winter, no [?]

Baby, I wanna spend my whole night with you (My whole night)
Spend my whole life with you (My whole life)
And, girl, I don't know what to do
Ayy, but I wanna die with you
Can you be mine? Yeah
All of the time, yeah
Even when we die, yeah, I wanna die with you

...she know
That car go fast, I'm drippin' in these streets (Skrrt)
They pull up buckin' in the D
Hey, [?] c*m right in her P
And they wanna [?] to the [?]
Diamonds [?], Magic City
If she don't got no drawers, I'ma f*ck that lil' b*tch (f*ck her)
Flawless body b*tch...
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