Young Thug

"To My Crips (RIP Nipsey & Troup)*"

Lyrics from Snippet

This sh*t came a long way from Tommy Hilfiger (A long way)
I'm rich, the after life, I try to tell y'all (Yeah, yeah)
[?] I got it tatted on my sweater, ayy
Kemosabe, baby, I'm just tryna tell ya (No cap)
99 b*tches, no problems, Hugh Hefner
I'm a party boy, outrageous (Ooh)
And I think my favorite girl be skippin' class (Ooh)
Introduce her to Barbie world, she just shop for bags (Ooh)
She just wanna keep me smilin', never leave me mad (Ooh)
I jumped the gate 'cause I was tryna throw the brick
I can't get caught with it [?] (Yeah, yeah)
I jumped in woods 'cause I had to throw the stick
'Cause this camouflage green and they won't find it (They won't find it)
Lowlife n*gga, we just stack and get the gold (Lowlife)
I don't wanna hurt no one (Hurt)
Inglewood bloods with my right now
Boy, you better pipe down
We sleep in the lobby
AK for these pus*y n*ggas thinkin' they got stamina
Tell me that ain't Nipsey I just seen on that camera
I can't visit no sight, f*ck a candle
I can't see him in a casket like my grandpa
I can't see how n*ggas let him get shot
Doubled back, then ran up on him and nobody but him died

Tried to give a n*gga benefits, but really, I cannot
And I can only imagine the tears on his momma's and his wife's eyes
That his face on the kid's shirt, they don't even know why
I'm like "Oh my"
Oh my God, oh my God

Troup couldn't even see, the sh*t was blindsided
Nipsey couldn't even see, the sh*t was blindsided
Left a real n*gga caressin' on a thotty now
Rich n*gga, rich presence in his momma eyes
Big homie in all of his partner eyes
Double back, triple...
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