WW3 lyrics


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Feel like World War II, but we know what that sh*t look like

It’s a Cult baby

Feel like World War II, but we know what that sh*t look like
I guess we really did live a good life
But now it’s inside, ___________
People buying everything so they can sell it online
C’mon dog, you ain’t even need that TP
How that EDD turn into PS5s & TVs?
Another enemy that can’t be seen, but just believe me
Everybody lying, but the truth ain’t always easy

People with all the money ain’t freaking out no more
As long as you qualify, then you don’t pay back the loan
Bailout the companies, not thе ones that need it most
& the peoplе with everything keep on tweeting about doge

Woa, this sh*t getting obvious
They don’t really give a f*ck, they care about if they’re profiting
I ain’t never been the one to b*tch about conglomerates, but this sh*t getting ominous, my mom won’t come outside again

Some days I’m waking up & I feel hustled
Days kinda jumbled
I know what keep me safe, but it ain’t keep me safe from nothing
It left me by myself, that in itself was kinda troubling
This sh*t really puzzling

How a piece of paper on my face protect the public, when the public is in disarray & don’t follow instructions
Half the people work, the rest complain to make assumptions
Trying hard to see this, but it’s mutating or something

So all the points I’m bringing up
This ain't that kinda pointless now
Why you think I do not give a f*ck, ___________
They really test me everywhere, my patience & appointments now

I guess you never miss it till it's gone
I never had so many people tell me I was wrong
They don’t want sh*t in your head
But they want sh*t in your arm
I wish a lot of bigger problems had the same alarm
But nah, you’re hearing what you wanna see
Started out ________, but now it feels like everything
Everybody wants some meme, or maybe get some sh*t for free
It sounded dumb , cause freedom means you still a leaf fell from the tree

But you can take your time & sh*t
We all going to fail without objective values, __________
It’s been a year, we feel the same, we still on Trump & Biden sh*t
The people change, this issues change, ______________

Conformity is crazy
All I gotta do is lie to you, & they would pay me
If they could stop the views, if the truth can make em, angry
It’s crazy what we are doing, cold world like it’s the 80s

So hate me, I would hate me too
It is easier to believe a lie, then believe that we’ve been fooled
& I would love to blame the next guy, I’m just like you
But all of us to blame, we left out God in how we move
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