Okay, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh
I took a break
But now I’m back, b*tch
Yuh, yuh
Yuh, yuh, yuh
Uh, yuh
Okay, let’s f*cking go

[First Verse]
I will bring destruction
To this world with hell walls (Okay)
Just like Timmy Turner
Do not know what’s right or wrong (Huh)
Do not rock round’ Gucci
Over-rated as a dog (f*ck that)
Why’d you bring a knife
When you know I carry Glocks?
And I, don’t know
Why the f*ck she still here (f*ck outta’ here)
Read the, message
That made you ballin’ tears (Okay)
Just like, Shxelum
High as the atmosphere (Shxelum)
Call me, Shakespeare
Cause my lyrics please yo ears
Do not need degree profession, ayy (Yuh, yuh)
Swallow then they question, ayy (Yuh, yuh)
They don’t need confessions, ayy (Yuh, yuh)
I just smith and west em’, ayy (Yuh, yuh, yuh)
I said what the f*ck’s the problem, ayy (Ayy)
Might just start and brawl em’, ayy (Ayy)
Rebelde dual rollment’, ayy (Ayy)
Delete the chats like whirlwind’, ayy (Ayy)
Crash the server, asteroid (My asteroid)
Tilted towers, better hide (Go hide)
This a robbery, not a heist (Yuh)
Oh wait, she came out as a dike? (What)
Played that hoe, like she my toy (She my toy)
b*tch I’m Rebelde, meet a’hoy (Yuh)
Jack sparrow, in this b*tch (Huh)
Burry the drugs, into a void (Yuh)
My bag packing, you know what’s up (You know what’s up)
Pass the winds, my chin stay up (Huh)
Shock was felt, just like wizard (Yuh)
Pop a perky, go bezerk (Go bezerk)
Think this end, soon meet the worst (Soon meet the worst)
Ain’t nobody, stay secure (Okay)
I’m so high, just like vulture (Like vulture)
Send the addy’, kill culture (Ayy)
I’m way too good at this sh*t (Yuh)
For a lost boy, misfit (Yuh)
Terrorize, I’m in a fit (Yuh)
I don’t need a f*cking shrink (Yuh, yuh, yuh)
We’re not friends, just enemy’s (Enemy’s)
Can not save me, from this maze (Okay)
Yeah I’m just mad, went 100 on the dash
Life is just a flash, could not understand (Yuh)
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