I feel better when nobody remembers i exist lyrics


Ethan Jewell

I think I feel more relieved when no one remembers I exist.
Because the butterflies in my stomach have flown trough my heart and are stuck in my troat.
And I think for once I´m okay with being alone.

No one cares when you cry.
They´re only there when you smile.
Sometimes i wanna reforce it all back to when I was a child -
dealing with scarred knees instead of scarred wrists.
Not feeling the urge to crush my bike...
Will you remember me when I´m gone?

The city is so busy, and no one can see the tears on my cheeks.
Because I painted them blue so they will blend in.
I tried to paint my black in the heart red again so it´ll beat faster -
but I dont know why I even bother.

Tell me.
If I flood face down in the river this tuesday, who will be my lifeguard? Will the fish feel on me so at least I have a use?
Or will I just decompose wake up, wake up?
I turn my pockets inside-out, so you can see that I´m empty.
I´ll hold on tight to the last text that you´ve sent me.
I´m so weak. They say one foot in front of the other - but it´s hard when your own shoe laces are out to get you.
They say one day at a time, but it´s hard when even the sun glares at you with angry eyes.
Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall, but then he realized he didn´t have anything to live for at all - so he had his great fall!
My own fantasies, my own cartoons in my mind can even be an escape.
I´m backed in a corner, but I don´t have the strenght to choose fight or flight. So I give up and let it overtake me.
If you have a second, maybe you can hear what i preach.
Maybe you can watch me nail my hands on this wall.
Maybe you can listen to me spread my religion of pain.
Because it´s all that I know how to deal with this.
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