Love is tender lyrics


Ethan Jewell

Love is a tender thing
It's the soft look you gave me whenever I complimented you
The way your eyes squinted up when you told me that you loved me
The way you get flustered when we talked about politics
Because you were so worried that I was going to judge you
You see, love is a delicate thing
We could be star-crossed one day
Then tomorrow I'm Romeo, you're Juliet
But we both drank the poison
I'm alone again, and my head is so noisy
See I was the one knocking at the door of your heart
And you answered, until you looked over my shoulder
And saw the line of perfectly contoured smiles
Sweet lies and desires waiting behind me
The men who didn't cry themselves to sleep more often than not
The men who could make a decision and stick with it without doubting themselves
You wanted casual perfection, but I was a broken catastrophe
So I bury myself in the dirt
And I'll write poems about my sad thoughts until my last day
And I watch as the beautiful leaves in my brain from autumn
Turn icy cold because of how quickly this all turned to winter
I wasn't prepared
Because you would look me in the eyes
And tell me that you loved me everyday, and I believed it
I believed that the snake-like lies fed into your brain could be overcome
Because damn it, it's not your fault
You've been playing poker, but from the very start
You were dealt a bad hand of cards
And the dealer laughs as your aces turn to twisted faces
Sneering at the tears on your face
The spades begin to melt as my smile fades
I was the king of your heart
You were the queen of diamonds in the rough
That was lost, once again you were dealt a bad hand
But baby
You played regardless
You didn't care that the odds were against you
You still played, but
You forgot one important detail
The house always wins
And I guess I was a fool for thinking we could replant those seeds And grow strong together
For thinking that two broken hearts can repair as one
But we were facing love that was forced into exile
Don't show your face around this city again or risk being executed
Love is tender
So maybe my tears will speak for me
And tell you how much I miss you
Love is delicate
You'll choose those perfect bodies and souls of the ones waiting in line behind me everyday
Love is fleeting
And although the love is still there
It was just forced to be forgotten
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