But it isn’t lonely at all (outro) lyrics


Ethan Jewell

Maybe one day I'll learn to be content with this loneliness
After all there's no better company than myself
And I'll sit in coffee shops and watch strangers converse
I'll draw their feelings in my journals
And I'll speak it out over pretty piano chords
I'll go on walks and watch butterflies fall in love
I'll see smiles spread on faces and hope to feel it in my heart
I'll hold back tears on holidays and blow out candles on my own
Because if this loneliness is all I know
I might as well get comfortable with it
I might as well ask it its name, and learn its hobbies, its passions
And I'll share minе
I'll look in the mirror and say "I love you"
And I'll mean it
Onе day
Not today, but one day...
And one day this loneliness... (loneliness)
Won't be lonely at all (lonely at all)
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