Krown Media Freestyle lyrics



What you know about the strip fam?
I can tell you sh*t you ain't even seen fam
I’ve been on the curb from a young man
Now we want bags off a curb like a binman
Big ambitions and a lot of stress
Mad thoughts in my head so I smile less
Money on my mind, I ain't thinking straight
f*ck what they said fam, they can hate
I be thinking bout that money but that money got me crazy
Couple man said they want money but them man are moving lazy
You gotta get up and go make it
How you gonna catch your dreams if you don't chase it?
Wanna make my mum proud so I keep trying
Cause I can’t bear the thoughts of her crying
So you say you're on the roads and you grind hard
But really you bought them clothes off your mum's card
How does that work out? You fake roadmans
We all walk on thе road so we're roadmans
So carry on thinking you're a roadman
Until you gеt locked up in a cold cell
I'm tryna put bread on the table
For some real people that are grateful
If you're greedy then we'll take yours
Cause everybody, they want their plates full
I’m tryna live my dream, more than couple stacks under the mattress
Man talking like they got cream, we all know that they’re actors
Why you gonna spend money on a bag of clothes?
Go chase money, not a bag of hoes
Forget girls, they ain't gonna bring you through
If you ain’t got money, forget everyone you knew
Cause no one wants to come around when you're broke
f*ck girls, go out there and chase notes
I've been tryna hustle, people say I'm mad now
I’d rather dress broke and fill up my bank account
And it's a cold world, nobody don't care
But if I get it in then I will share
Not with these fake friends on a snake one
But with the real G's that been there from day one
And I ain't tryna be somebody that I really ain't
I keep it real, you won't know that if you're a fake
If my don's broke then we're sharing cake
Cause we been together in the f*cking rain
So don't tell me that you represent the struggle
You got money off your mum fam, we had to hustle
And that's no lie, no gas
This is real life and some real facts
It's peak, we all want money in an instant
Over money, best friends fam, they turn distant
But I know I won't change cause of paper
I just want money, couldn't give a f*ck about a hater
Nah fam, I couldn't care
You can take a look, you could even stare
Cause I ain't into beef, that's just childish
I'd rather get money, pull up in a new whip
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