"Bad Vibes Vol. 1 (Remix)"

[Chorus: 5h0ckw4v3]
Bad Vibes, at night, I wonder why I got Bad Vibes
I cry, at night, I'm just dead inside
Then I, realize, I can't win against my mind
Unless I, try to fight

[Interlude: 5h0ckw4v3]
We gon hit you with it, because it goes like BANG!
Now I'm gonna give you a Bad Vibe!

[Bridge: JJTHAPLAYAAA & 5h0ckw4v3]
Bad Vibes
Bad Vibes
Bad Vibes
Bad Vibes

I'm hurtin' inside
You make me wanna cry

[Verse 2: 5h0ckw4v3]
I want to feel alive one day
I want to feel again, soon I'll be
Gone one day
All these thoughts in my mind
I couldn't help but wonder
What was next to me
Number than infinity
When I'm gone, what you'll never see
You'll never know what you meant to me

[Outro: 5h0ckw4v3 & JJTHAPLAYAAA]
Meant to me
Feel alive, feel alive one day
Feel alive
Never know what you meant to me
What you meant to me
Bad Vibes

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