"The Lord of Thunder"

[Intro: 5h0ckw4v3]
Aye Aye!
The "Lord" of Fire gonna be wondering where he is gonna go after this track, a diss track

[Chorus: 5h0ckw4v3]
You're trash when you're makin' a diss
Can't and wouldn't snap into action
Sure you can freestyle, but can't gain no traction
Like that then

It bites back like venom
Hits so hard it kills like Venom

Diss me can't go, I'm... uh
What was I supposed to say again?

[Verse 1: 5h0ckw4v3]
Diss me, can't go back
Remember how I hit fast (Yeah)
Take time
Hit right
Aim now

[Verse 2: 5h0ckw4v3]
Kill, everything, no, matter, what, happens
We kill them
Everyday they fight, they die, same for the night
How do you expect to win
Level 1 to a 227?
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